FAQ - Thought we would answer some random questions real quick.   Plugins in progress - This script will have ongoing free upgrades.

Can I customize this script after purchase?

Yes, none of the code is encrypted, so you can alter it as much as you want.

 How many members and performers can I have online at once?

 We have not placed limitations on anything in this script. Hosting plays a roll in this.

 I don't know what kind of hosting to get, can you help?

 Yes, we can help you get setup with exactly what you need to host this script. Email us for more information.

 How do members add funds to their accounts?

 There is a built in payment gateway that allows members to add funds 24/7 in real time. Funds are available right away.

 Are there live models on the demo site?

 No, there are no live models on our demo.

 Where can I find performers?

 There are many ways to find willing performers. Contact us for more information on finding performers.

 Will you you do custom changes to this script after purchase?

 Yes, we do custom builds and we also do customizations to our script, email us to get a quote.

 How much is custom design?

 This depends on what you need done, each job requires a custom quote.

 How much will hosting cost for this script?

 Hosting prices vary quite a bit, the monthly hosting cost to get started is rather inexpensive but expect the hosting fee's to go up as you gain more members and performers. Don't forget to do the math, members and performers online = income. So hosting fee's should never be an issue.

 Does this script offer live pay per minute video chat?

 Yes, That is exactly what it offers. Free & paid chat as well as a tipping system and percentage payout system..

 Do you offer hosting?

 No we do not currently offer hosting but we do have recommendations listed on our site. We can help you find the right hosting at an affordable price.

 Do you offer installation?

 Yes we do offer installation, just email us and we can explain to you exactly what we need from you to start.

 Can I install this script myself?

 Yes, if you are familiar with installing and setting up PHP scripts then you can follow our installation instructions to install the script yourself.


We are currently working on the following plugins for this script version. We will update this page regularly as plugins are finished. Please be aware that the cost of this script is subject to change as more plugins are added.

Affiliate system... In progress........

Advertising system... In progress........

GEO Blocking / IP blocking.... Completed........ Included.

Hover Stream videonails.... Completed........ Included.
This is our most popular plugin. Thumbnails that display live video feed on hover.

Several new Flash chat interface applications are being worked on at this time as well.

Some plugins in progress are not listed.

Please email us to recommend plugins for this script and we will submit them to our plugin design team, all ideas are welcome. Our design team really will look at each idea, so you are not submitting for nothing. The more requests we get for a specific plugin idea the more important it becomes in our build sequence.

Please keep in mind that you do not have to keep your script red, there are many other colors in the rainbow. This script is VERY unencrypted, so changing colors and images should be a breeze, even for noobs.


Please keep in mind that we do not have live models on our demo site, so when hovering over thumbnails or viewing the chat sections you will see a prerecorded video which is streaming with the use of our script. This should give you an idea of how the video chat will look when you have live models working. You may also test the live video with your own webcam and two browsers. Some things have been disabled in the demo. The demo will also reset frequently so don't expect your changes to still be there tomorrow. Be aware that a lot of people test our demo daily and this could cause a lag or graininess in the video stream. If you experience any issues testing the demo just email us and we can help.

Want to give it a test run?

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Build 4 Update
Build 4 is now on it's way to styling, so keep an eye out for it.
Build 4 is projected to cost between $2,000 and $3,000 per copy.
Build 4 is in no way affiliated with CJ3. Build 4 is an entirely different script and framework all together.


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